School and library visits

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West Lothian Council video of Badger the Mystical Mutt visit to Carmondean Library


‘Thank you so much for your session last week, it was absolutely fabulous! The children were enchanted by Badger the Mystical Mutt and were truly mystified by his amazing magic! Your reading of the story had them captivated – even the Reception children – which is an amazing feat considering it's a chapter book! It was such a lovely and enthralling experience for both children and staff. We all loved it! Thank you so much for coming to the opposite end of the country to share the magic.’
Assistant Head Teacher, St. Margaret's CE Primary School, Rottingdean, Brighton & Hove

‘We were lucky enough to have Badger the Mystical Mutt visit Aberdeenshire schools and libraries during the Portsoy Bothy Book Festival, Bookshire Project in March 2016. Badger and his amazing authors toured Aberdeenshire from Peterhead to Portsoy. I was delighted to be at 8 of the sessions and each one was slightly different. It was great to see the children so engaged with the Badger stories and literally rolling about laughing. Both teachers and pupils found the sessions really productive as the children were all fired up with ideas for their own stories. The children who saw Badger more than once knew all the songs and rhymes off by heart. We heard comments such as "I love Badger" and "Badger is cool". The highlight for us as librarians was transforming a reluctant reader in to a library visitor who wanted to borrow the Badger books. We hope we will be fortunate enough to have a return tour from Badger next year.’
Senior Library Assistant, Portsoy Library - Bookshire Project Organiser

‘In March 2016 Badger, Lyn and Laura embarked on a mini-tour of six Orkney primary schools, with three of the smaller schools being involved as well. Everyone enjoyed Badger's magic and misbehaviour and hearing about his adventures through listening to Laura's reading of some chapters of one of his books. There was lots of laughter and fun! Here in Dounby the Badger books have been popular with the class teachers for class story reading, we highly recommend these books for Primary 2, 3 and 4.’
Headteacher, Dounby Community School, Orkney

‘We were fortunate enough to have Badger the Mystical Mutt visit Saint Vincent's Primary School, in preparation for World Book Day 2016. Both the staff and the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The children were completely enthralled from beginning to end. It was a joy to hear pupils including very reluctant readers laughing and shrieking with excitement when Badger appeared. We definitely hope to have Badger return one day soon!’
Principal Teacher, Saint Vincent's Primary School , East Kilbride

‘Badger the Mystical Mutt came along to Hillhead Library recently where he delighted, charmed and entertained a hall full of children from P1 – P4. Authors Lyn and Laura brought to life the stories of Badger in a unique way that engaged every single child (and adult) in the room, many of whom have since returned to the library to borrow copies of these books. In fact we loved Badger so much, we have asked him back to take part in this years' West End Festival programme and we hope to have many more visits from Badger at other Glasgow Libraries across the city in the coming year. I would highly recommend a visit from Badger to all schools, he has the power to inspire and enthuse any child to get involved in reading for pleasure whilst addressing issues that will support the curriculum.’
Librarian, North West Area, Glasgow Life/Glasgow Libraries

‘We have run a large number of children's events in West Dunbartonshire with Lyn, Laura and Badger and they have been marvellous. They have the ability to entertain and to fully engage with children regardless of whether they are already keen readers or not. Badger's charm can disarm even the most reluctant child and we would be delighted to work with Lyn and Laura again. We can highly recommend a session with Badger.’
Community Librarian, West Dunbartonshire Libraries and Cultural Services

‘Banchory Library in Aberdeenshire had Badger the Mystical Mutt scratching at their door recently. This capricious canine with special powers enthralled and engaged our audience of Banchory Primary One pupils. The children loved Badger's antics, and the story which was read to them. A first class magical session.’
Network Librarian, Aberdeenshire Libraries

‘Badger the Mystical Mutt was the highlight of World Book Week in Fife. Badger's appearance was a delight for every child and brought big smiles to the adult faces too making it ideal as a family or schools event. Badger sessions are great fun. They offer a perfect way to hook children into reading and are a great first step to lead children from picture books to becoming independent readers. Brilliant and highly recommended!’
Service Development Team Leader, Libraries (Young People), ON with Fife Cultural Trust

‘Badger has been on a badgical magical tour of North Lanarkshire this year, delighting the school children with insightful and heart-warming tales – as well as bucketfuls of laughs! A real favourite with Culture NL libraries – can't wait to have badger to visit again soon!’
Children's Activities Librarian (South), CultureNL Ltd

‘It was an absolute joy working with Badger, Lyn and Laura in East Dunbartonshire. Badger is such a crowd-pleaser; I noticed a lot of children encouraged to buy or borrow his books after seeing him in action. Lyn and Laura are really flexible to our crazy requests for Badger to get stuck into a diverse range of projects. We definitely hope to work with this fun-loving team again.’
Children and Families Development Officer, East Dunbartonshire Leisure and Culture Trust

‘Laura and Badger deliver a fun filled and engaging alternative learning experience that encourages young children to read and gets them excited about the books as they want to find out about what Badger gets up to on his badgical magical adventures.’
Network Librarian, Alford Community Campus, Aberdeenshire

‘Badgical Magical came to Aberdeenshire and was a huge hit in Inverurie Library. Children and adults alike were enthralled by Badger's adventures. He even made a personal appearance and the children fell in love. We hope Badger can make a return visit to meet more of our local children in the near future.’
Librarian, Inverurie Library

Badger the Mystical Mutt 'wowed' a lively audience at Girvan Library. All the P3 and P4 kids and adults loved the antics of Badger, the stories and using their imagination. It was brilliant fun and we are looking forward to having Lyn and Laura back to South Ayrshire Libraries very soon.’
Children's Services Librarian, South Ayrshire Council

‘I have never seen a group of children laugh as much as they did when Badger came to visit us at Aboyne P S. What a tonic. The children were totally captivated from the start and focused all the way through the performance. They listened well and enjoyed the stories and talking about books and reading. A wonderful blend of fun and learning. We will definitely have you back, Badger.’
Network Librarian, Aboyne Academy Library

‘We recently had Lyn and Laura along to Carmondean Library and both the pupils attending and our library staff had a brilliant time. Their sessions are engaging, fun filled and great for reluctant readers.’
Service Development Officer, Library Services, West Lothian Council

‘It's always a pleasure to work with Lyn and Laura, they make every effort to accommodate any requests you have. The children all love the sessions and we'll definitely have badger back!
Librarian, South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture Libraries